Philadelphia + NYC Wedding Photographer


Philadelphia + NYC Wedding Photographer


Philadelphia + NYC Wedding Photographer


Philadelphia + NYC Wedding Photographer


Philadelphia + NYC Wedding Photographer


Philadelphia + NYC Wedding Photographer


Philadelphia + NYC Wedding Photographer


Philadelphia + NYC Wedding Photographer


Philadelphia + NYC Wedding Photographer

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NYC + Philly Wedding Photographer

Hey, I'm Tess!

Your wedding really matters to me. If you take anything away from this - please take that! Regardless of where you get married, how you get married, and what your decor is - It would be an honor to work with you & I strongly believe my job is to give you photos that scream YOU & make you feel something 20 years down the road.

Here's my story

Getting your photos taken isn't a natural thing

I'm not even going to pretend it is. I believe the biggest part of my job is creating an environment where you're comfortable enough to be yourselves. I'll guide you, direct you, and create a space that allows for you guys to just have fun and be in the moment! 90% of the people you see on my website told me how awkward they are or how uncomfortable they feel in front of a camera- so if that's what you're thinking, you're not the only ones! I promise it's not as uncomfy as it seems and your significant other will actually enjoy it:)





why me?






I Won’t Leave You Hanging

I'm Involved & Responsive

Family & Friends

Yes my style is candid and natural but you better believe I'll let ya know if your hair is sticking up or your makeup is smeared. It is so important that you feel beautiful in photos! Part of my formal training in photography has been centered around how to pose you in a flattering way.

Your email won’t sit in my inbox for days. After 4 years of shooting weddings, I’ve learned a lot and want to be a resource for you along the way! From style guides for your engagement shoot, to wedding timeline tricks, I’ll be with you every step of the way.

I prioritize letting you be present with your people on your wedding day. That's why you invited them, right? Pictures will be quick, comfortable, and won't consume your whole day.

Comfort Is My Top Priority

Fun Experience

Your significant other will actually enjoy this. Almost every guy I’ve ever worked with has ended the session saying, "Wow this was actually fun!" I promise to create an environment that allows you to have a good time.

Let’s be honest...getting your photo taken isn't a normal natural thing. I know this, and have developed a style that gives you guidance while letting you relax and be yourselves!

Callie & Nick

"Tess, I cannot describe my gratitude for you. These photos are BEAUTIFUL. I started sobbing immediately. You captured every moment perfectly and I am in awe. An absolutely loss for words. Thank you SO much for everything. I'm going to be here reminiscing all night, So much love to you always!"

Emily & Mike

"She captured so many little moments and emotions I didn't even process in the speed of the day. Then, on top of of being crazy busy with other weddings, we received our edited images in less than a month! TESS WORKS HER BUTT OFF FOR YOU. Our images went beyond out wildest expectations and we will cherish them for the rest of our lives."

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