How and why do I use it?

 Motion Blur helps creates an image that evokes emotion. It crystallizes the expressions on people’s faces; it makes you feel what the subjects of the photo feel. For clients that want photos that are elevated and nostalgic, this is a great fit.

It also creates photos that look carefree and spontaneous. Given this, you might think motion blur is also a spontaneous choice on my part. It’s actually exactly the opposite. Motion blur wedding photography is calculated, something I use for specific shots and places that fit the styling. It’s an artistic choice and I’ve learned exactly how to wield it – to pick out the perfect situation and the technique to highlight the emotion that’s there.

Not all of your gallery will have motion blur. That’s not what it’s there for; most of your images will be crisp and clear and impeccably precise. But weddings are fundamentally emotional: it should be a day of pure, unadulterated joy. And motion blur helps me capture that – helps me capture another side of you.