Why Motion Blur Wedding Photography?

July 3, 2022

Why is motion blur wedding photography big right now?

Well, firstly it just looks cool. The idea behind the technique is to highlight something (in my case, usually a couple) and put them in focus while slightly blurring everything else. The effect is to freeze time and create something that has an artistic vibe to it. But motion blur does more than this. It creates an image that evokes emotion. It crystallizes the expressions on people’s faces; it makes you feel what the subjects of the photo feel. For clients that want some photos that are elevated and nostalgic, this is a great fit.

It also creates photos that look carefree and spontaneous. Given this you might think motion blur is also a spontaneous choice on my part. It’s actually exactly the opposite. Motion blur wedding photography is calculated, something I use for specific shots and places that fit the styling. It’s an artistic choice and I’ve learned exactly how to wield it – to pick out the perfect situation and the technique to highlight the emotion that’s there. Some of my favourite places to use motion blur is with the wedding party photos, at receptions, and during the dancing. It can also be used when doing couples shots in landscape that already has motion: the sea, rustling trees, even a carousel!

Not all of your gallery will have motion blur. That’s not what it’s there for; most of your images will be crisp and clear and impeccably precise. But weddings are fundamentally emotional: it should be a day of pure, unadulterated joy. And motion blur helps me capture that – helps me capture another side of you. Every smile, every giggle, every moment. And the fact it looks so dang romantic is a nice bonus.


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