Why Flash Wedding Photography?

June 24, 2022

Why is flash wedding photography big right now?

Firstly, because it’s nostalgic. It makes sense, right? True love is timeless. And there’s something about a filmy vintage photo that really brings us back to the moment it was taken. There’s nothing I love better than a good retro photograph; one that lets you step inside with the couple and live in the feeling. The world freezes.

But alongside nostalgia, most of my couples also want to be glamorous. I mean, let’s be honest: we all want to look like the cover of Vogue. Not every moment in life is glamorous. Sometimes we wear messy buns and do laundry and sleep in our clothes. But sometimes we look fabulous, and it’s natural to want that to show up in your photos – especially your wedding photos!

Flash wedding photography is the perfect way to combine those two things. It’s nostalgic but classy; touching but elegant. And it’s great for all sorts of unique locations. I’ve shot flash on streets and in parking garages. Laundry Mats. Air B and B showers. I’ve used flash for engagement shoots and business owners who are looking to do some branding. Right now I’m big on doing it as an add on after golden hour and blue hour, but honestly, I’d shoot flash anywhere.

  In a world that is so busy and hurried, flash captures the depth of relationship. And it makes you look great at the same time. To sum it all up in two words: win-win.


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