Under Canvas Lake Powell Elopement

February 19, 2022

One of my favourite things to do for couples is help them elope. My whole vision as a photographer is that I’m there for whatever you need: I’ll pick flowers out of your hair, I’ll let you know if your dress is torn, I’ll spice it up on the dance floor. And, of course, I’ll deliver a stellar gallery afterwards. But with elopements I get to do more than capture a wedding. I get to help you design a whole experience.

When I first met Celeste and Addison, they had no idea where they wanted to get married. When they heard I was coming to Utah – they’re big fans of my Instagram stories, hahaha – they reached out and asked if I would help them plan an elopement there. I was stoked. I hit the research hard, baby, and a few days later we were looking at a list of different options. This is something I offer all my elopements – there’s nothing I love more than getting to dream up a list of epic places where you could get married.

From there, they settled on Under Canvas Lake Powell, a glamping site next to….you guessed it: the actual Lake Powell.  I was so excited for their special day, even though it started at the butt crack of dawn. Celeste and Addison got up before the sun to start getting dressed. Unlike a traditional wedding party, they decided to get ready together. Since I was their only guest, I got the honor of being the single person to witness the touching moments as they got their suit and dress on, wrote their vows, and headed out to Lake Powell just in time for the sunrise. There are literally no words for how beautiful it was.

Without any fanfare or drama, they said their vows while the sun rose, and though it’s not my story to tell, it was such an intimate moment. I loved how they had no audience. They were really able to focus on each other, and afterwards we had such a great time. We went out and explored and ended up going down to the water. On the way down I saw these bathrooms and call me crazy, but I thought it would be the perfect wall to take photos against (seriously check it out, it ended up looking so classy). They spent an afternoon in their glamping tent without me (I do give my couples some alone time, hahaha!), and then we had the most amazing sunset shoot. Finally, they took full advantage of the privacy afforded by the Under Canvas tent and did their cake cutting on the floor. We ended the evening with a dance party of three, some champagne, and a midnight kiss with sparklers. It was everything they dreamed of, and I loved being a part of it.


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