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Out of all of the vendors you will hire, I'll be the one you spend the most time with. I'll be with you guys throughout your whole wedding day so it's super important that you have someone you trust and can almost see as another friend at your wedding! My goals when working with you guys are to first give you the most possible time to be with your friends and family (cause duh that's why you invited them) and secondly, to make the day as free of stress as possible. Photos are the one thing you have to preserve the memories of your day, so don't settle. You deserve someone who will give you an excellent product and professional and fun experience.

So what's my style? In the end I want these photos to represent you guys. How I shoot and how I direct you falls entirely on who you guys are as a couple and how I can work to bring that out. If you're more of a reserved quiet couple, of course I'm not going to direct you the same way I would a loud and outgoing couple. In the end It's my job to get to know you guys and get you comfortable enough during the shoot to be yourselves.








My Approach to Weddings

The first thing I was to make super clear is that your wedding matters to me. Regardless of where you get married, how you get married, and what your decor is - It would be an honor to work with you & I strongly believe my job is to give you photos that scream YOU & make you feel something 20 years down the road.When I'm shooting weddings I want to take photos will take you back the moment. Yes bridal portraits are great (and don't worry- we'll get lots of those!), but my favorite moments to capture are moments like the way your guests interacting and how you guys look at each other as you're taking in the best day of your lives. As the person who will spend the most time with you on your wedding day, I'll work to make sure you get the most time with your loved ones and create a stress free environment.


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