Philadelphia Apartment Elopement

March 14, 2022

Have I talked about how much I love Philadelphia and flash? In case I haven’t mentioned it: I love doing a Philadelphia elopement with flash. There’s just nothing like lighting up a city skyline, and getting to capture a couple and a nighttime view.

When I met Katie and Ben, they were all about doing things in a unique way. For a start, Katie wasn’t into the dress. Maybe that’s not where you’re coming from – a lot of brides I work with have a dream dress (and then look absolutely rock it on their wedding day!) – but I know there are definitely brides out there that have always disliked the idea of a long day in an even longer dress. Instead of the lace and train, Katie went for an elegant pantsuit, combining a hint of tradition by wearing white with something that was 100% her.

In a lot of ways, that could describe the whole elopement, really. Katie and Ben started out in a building (traditional), but it was an apartment, not a church (unique). They then had a photo shoot at another location (traditional), but instead of a field, they hit a dry cleaners (unique). They had a cake (traditional), but their florist decorated it (unique) and they ate it in an elevator (definitely unique). And they had champagne (traditional), but it was in a tower, overlooking the Philadelphia skyline (you guessed it….unique).

Everything about their day was such a perfect blend of those two things. You can see more hints of tradition if you look out over the view behind Katie and Ben and spot the spire of Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple. But you can also see the funk come through in the shots by the dry cleaners. (Also, I’ve realised I love pairing couples with a random buildings we find together. Check out this time I used a bathroom wall in Utah – you won’t be disappointed!). Same thing with the flowers. Katie specifically wanted her bouquet to match her pantsuit, and Salt Floral came up with the perfect twist: all white roses. Traditional, yet unique.

And let’s not forget that skyline view. This is why I love what I do. Give me Philly. Give me a flash. Give me a great couple. And give me a pantsuit and an elevator and a tower of champagne glasses – I will enjoy every minute of shooting whatever makes your day perfect. Especially if that thing is a dry cleaners.


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