Intimate Wedding at Roxbury Barn and Estate

March 28, 2022

Have you ever really wanted a wedding that was natural? In the middle of the woods – literally – a place that was intimate and beautiful and scenic? If you’ve ever thought about it, you might have also thought about the effort involved to get to such a place. I don’t know about you, but camping really isn’t my jam (though I’m warming up to it after shooting some elopements with glamping tents). And when I think of scenic, I think about the time my sister dragged me through the Lake District in England and almost got us stranded up a mountain. No joke. There was a snowstorm and everything. Beautiful, but not the kind of thing you want to be doing in a wedding dress.

When Anna and Dom were planning their wedding, they wanted the woods. They wanted scenic and intimate. They wanted a sweep of flowers draped between trees. But they also wanted a place where their loved ones could sleep in beds. Family was particularly important; this was not just a joining of two people but of two communities. You can see this relationship in the getting ready shots, where the mothers of the bride and groom helped Anna get dressed together. This image really captures the whole day. They had a smaller bridal party, the sweetest ceremony with their local priest, and a reception where the speeches left the entire party in tears. Check the photos. I’m not exaggerating.

Given this set of priorities, they couldn’t have chosen a better venue than Roxbury Barn and Estate. It’s known for its ceremony space deep in the forest, with trees so tall you can hardly see their tops. But alongside their majestic ceremony space, they also have a comfortable inn on site. Staff that drive you from one side of the venue to the other. And a talent for bonfires that leap twenty feet in the air. For Anna and Dom – for the couple who wanted intimate without bug spray – it was perfect.

It just goes to show that you really can have it all. Maybe you’re the couple that loves to camp (and if so, I will get my sleeping bag and boots and learn to love it with you). But maybe you’re the kind of couple who wants something scenic without wilderness. Maybe you want remote without having to hike for seven days. Maybe you want intimate without getting married in your living room. If Anna and Dom are any indication, you can definitely make that happen.

Florist: Rosery Flowers , Venue: Roxbury Barn and Estate, Makeup: Paige Achkov, Dress: Justin Alexander, DJ: Mike Melice, Suit: Bonaventure Tuxedo

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