Grace Loves Lace Philadelphia Wedding Shoot

August 14, 2022

Okay ladies, let’s talk dresses.

It’s likely we’ll have some different opinions on this. Some of you will want an elegant A line; others will get married in pantsuits (like my girl Katie, who absolutely rocked it). Some of you will want full skirts. Some of you will opt for short knee-length; others will want the train that goes half way down the church.

But regardless of your taste in style, cloth, pattern, length, texture, or colour, there’s one thing we can all agree on: comfort. Yes, I will make you look good in whatever you choose to wear. But you will look your best when you feel your best. When you can hug your mother without worrying if something is going to slip. When you can dance the night away.

That’s why I’m such a fan of Grace Loves Lace. They don’t ask you to sacrifice. The brand is built around two core ideas: elegance and comfort. They design gowns that work with your body, not against it. And they design gowns that are just stunning. Grace Loves Lace was my top choice of brand for my own wedding, but they didn’t have a store near enough to Western NY where I got married to make it work. (Don’t worry, they just opened a Philly branch!)

Which is why it was an absolute dream when they reached out and we were able to collaborate on a photo shoot for their new dresses. We went out to the water with a model, and a boat –

Okay, slight interruption to talk about the boat. Because it was SUCH a cool boat! Sea Philly has this gorgeous wooden boat that they hire out for elopements, special events, tours etc. I was having such a good time shooting on it!

– and the dress held up magnificently. You can particularly see this in the shots with the steering wheel, where Jasmine’s got her leg up and the dress just floats around her anyways. Plus the lace work was exquisite.

The point is: whether it’s Grace Loves Lace or something else, the most important thing about a wedding dress is that it suits you and your body (not other women and their bodies), and that you feel completely comfortable in it. Dance like it’s your last night on earth. Climb up on the venue tables. Give your younger brother a piggy back ride like when you were kids. You want a dress that can do it all. Don’t settle for less.

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