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For those of you who may be new to the term- an elopement doesn't have to mean running to the courthouse. In the last few years a lot of couples have fully embraced making their wedding day completely intentional, keeping it to just them or a few close friends and family, and planning the day to be exactly how they want it to be. For a lot of couples that means being able to say your vows somewhere epic! The amazing thing about elopements is that it takes the whole headache of wedding planning completely out of the equation. It allows you to skip the logistics of a big wedding that you don't care about, and come up with something much smaller and more intentional. The awesome thing about it is that it allows you elope anywhere! From Iceland to national parks and anywhere in between, I can help you guys find a location the excites you and speaks to you as a couple. When you hire me to shoot your elopement, you're also hiring a wedding planner! I consider it part of my job to guide you through the process and help you plan all the details that will make it special to you.

Elopement in Moab
Elopement on the salt flats Utah
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You’ve come to the right place! I’d love to show you some of my favorite spots around the world or introduce some of my bucket list destinations that would make for the dreamiest locations!

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When you hire me, you're also hiring an elopement planner. I'll be there every step of the way guiding you through the process.

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Elopement in Rocky Mountain National Park
Wedding at Under Canvas Lake Powell

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Now the fun begins! Once we know the location, we can start picking a spot for your ceremony! I’ll research the heck out of it, jump on google maps, and send you lots of epic options within the location! We’ll consider things like where and when will the sun be setting? What are the Airbnb options? How far of a hike is it? Cause let's be honest...not all of us are hikers haha!

Lastly, we'll dream up how to make your elopement a reflection of you guys! Maybe that means bringing your pup along or floating out into the water on a canoe. I've had couples eat pizza overlooking a waterfall, jump into the lake in their wedding attire, pop champagne in an Airbnb....the options are endless! One of the best parts of an elopement is getting to make it whatever you want it to be, and i'm so pumped to help you plan whatever that is!

The first step is picking your dream location. Picking a location can be overwhelming because the options are endless! I’d recommend you start by deciding which type of scenery you love! Is it the ocean, waterfalls, cute European towns? Once you tell me the type of landscape, I can give you lots of potential options so you can pick the perfect spot!

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