Downtown Philly Engagement Session

January 25, 2022

For Gwen and Geoffrey, the engagement session was just the beginning. She’s about to start a nursing degree and he’s in the Navy, and they knew they were looking at some distance after the wedding. (I’ve been there. It sucks!) So when they decided to come to Downtown Philly for their photoshoot, they booked a hotel and made it into a romantic getaway. You can actually see their hotel in the photos – it’s called One City. After our session, they were able to spend some quality time together, away from the stress of careers and wedding planning.

When we were talking about their engagement photos, Gwen and Geoffrey really wanted to run around and have fun. So we did! We climbed on the roof of a parking garage, we found cute downtown allyways, and we got some mad shots of the Philly skyline. It was also, like, ten degrees. They were the real MVPs, and you can see them in a coffeeshop halfway through the shoot, trying to get warm again!

About halfway through the shoot, I realized that I recognized Gwen. The story of how I became a photographer starts with my running career. I was pretty serious about track in high school and it turns out that Gwen was one of the people I competed against, way back in the OG! We raced each other 6 years ago, and then wound up reconnecting through this shoot. How wild is that?

They really liked glass shots, so we found a revolving door in downtown Philly, and they ran around it as fast as they could while I chased them with my camera (it was just like old times for Gwen and I, haha). Those are some of my favourite photos from the shoot, because they were laughing and just having a great time. We also got some motion blur photos – we had to get our blood moving somehow!

Gwen and Geoffrey are getting married this summer, in South Carolina and I am stoked to shoot for them. They were up for anything when the weather was below freezing so I can’t wait to see what their summer wedding is like!



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