Ben Franklin Bridge Elopement

February 15, 2022

What do you picture when you think ‘out of the box elopement’?

Before getting to work with Harry and Kass, I might have said Boho beach with the lace dressĀ  or maybe a summer day on the top of the Adirondacks with wind and flowers. Maybe even Iceland. If I was feeling creative. But not a boat. Now, I’m ready to expand my horizons, because getting to shoot this elopement was absolutely unique and I loved it.

A couple things that really put this in a league of its own (besides the boat which, by the way, is an Air B and B. Check it out!): the vintage style and the night setting. Kass loved the idea of a dress that was different from what you’d normally see, so she went short and simple. The inspiration was Arianna Grande, and although Kass didn’t sing a note that night, she definitely got the Arianna’s confidence and style down. We didn’t plan for the boat to have white seating, but the combination really makes the photos pop. It just goes to show what can happen when you’re willing to really throw tradition to the wind and think creatively about your special day!

But for me, the best part of the shoot was getting to shoot with Harry and Kass in front of the Ben Franklin Bridge. I got to use flash the entire elopement, the waterfront served as an ideal place to read vows, and the Ben Franklin Bridge provided a classy backdrop that really brought Harry and Kass’s vintage vision to life. The whole vibe of the evening was just perfect for romance. I can’t wait till another couple chooses the Old City for their elopement – maybe next time we could rent a plane? It would be epic, just saying….


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