Elopement in Under Canvas Lake Powell


Couples shoot with pizza



A chance for me to teach you everything I know! I'll have you come up with a list of topics and we'll spend the hour going through them in depth.

Topics to discuss:

couple's shoot at Mystic Hot Springs Utah



• Pinterest
• Posing
• Client Guides
• Editing

• Reels
• Growth
• Your voice
• How to attract your ideal client

• Taxes
• Programs I use
• Finding your style
• Website

Cost $350

Elopement at Arches National Park


Hands on


Portfolio work

In person Mentorship

A chance for us to shoot together! We'll pick a location and i'll get a couple to model for us. You'll be able to watch my process and learn how I pose and interact with clients. You'll also have tons of chances to shoot and get some great content for your own portfolio!

Cost: $800


Caterina Locricchio

Kirsten hartzell

"I've always admired Tess's work and drive for her business, the fact that she's been able to get through college DEBT FREE can be attributed to her dedication to photography and business prowess. That being said, I have been wanting to do a mentorship with her for a while but just kept putting it off...let me just say, IT'S WORTH IT. Tess is super candid, easy going, open about her process and the tools she's used to get where she is today. If you've been debating doing a mentorship session, THIS IS YOUR SIGN, go now."

"Tess was so knowledgeable and had so much info to give on any question I asked! It was refreshing to be mentored by someone who knows the ins and outs of social media and breaks down any topic when needed. Needless to say, I'm super inspired and have already stated improving my business since the mentorship! I definitely recommend signing up!"

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