An engagement shoot at the Curtis Center Philly

July 5, 2022

Believe it or not, the atrium at the Curtis Center is open to the public.

When Madison and Ned said they wanted a classy session with an old romance theme, this had to be the place. The Curtis Center started as a publishing empire in the early 1900’s, and it totally looks the part. It’s 12 story atrium combines glamour and simplicity, and it takes you back to a time where women read newspapers, men ironed their ties, and cigar smoke perfumed the air. The Curtis Center’s crowning feature is a mural made out of glass by Tiffany Studios. (Yes, that one). But best of all, it’s free: the Center takes its historical status seriously and allows the public to freely wander through the lobby.

As for Madison and Ned, they couldn’t have dressed better if they tried. Black and white formal wear is becoming a trend in engagement sessions, and can I just say, I’m digging it? You can’t go wrong with timeless. But Madison and Ned were also completely themselves, too. They brought their dog for the first part of the shoot, and I loved getting to capture the joy of their interaction with him. Also, Madion’s mother came along to take the dog home half way through, which was a good move. I will be happy to see your pet, but sadly can’t say the same for all of the venues I work with, hahaha.

We then did some great crosswalk shots, and ended the shoot at the Curtis Centre. We started with the mural and then moved to the piano (don’t let Ned fool you; it’s a self-playing piano. But he looks so legit!). We also loved the stained glass in the atrium- it really fit the vibe of the shoot, and I got another great opportunity to use some flash. Madison and Ned opted for the flash add on (which I explain here), and the results really highlight the venue: the lamplight, the sofa, the marble streaks in the floor. I mean, who knew a floor could look so good?


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