An Engagement Shoot at Longwood Gardens

January 18, 2023

Longwood Gardens isn’t Italy.

That’s where Karla and Kai are actually getting married this summer. But a destination wedding in Italy is sort of a big deal; a once in a lifetime trip. It involves planning and airplanes; hotel rooms for that one Uncle who has to have a 800 thread count on his sheets to sleep. Sometimes you gotta keep it simple. So we went local for the engagement shoot, and stuck around Philly. I absolutely love living near Philly. There are so many great places to shoot! It may not be Europe, but there are places where it looks like it.

Of course, even though the vibe was European to match their future Italy wedding, I still definitely put my own spin on it. Part of the reason Karla hired me was because I deliver unique photographs, even from places that are shot a lot (Longwood Gardens is shot a lot). Karla loves motion blur, and we thought the trees and buildings would be a perfect backdrop. We were right, too, if I do say so myself. Check out the first photography with the red blurred trees; I was really pumped with how it came out.

But the best part of the shoot, without question, was the fountains. They didn’t have any water in them (though I will totally shoot in water too!) so I got Karla and Kai to hop right in. Anyone else thinking Friends? Karla would have fit right in, too, with her unreal white dress. I always encourage my couples to go as extra as they want in the engagement shoot. A wedding is generally more formal, so you gotta do it while you can. And the combination of the dress, Kai’s moustache, flash photography, and the fountains was simply brilliant.

Moral of the story: Longwood Gardens might not be Italy, but it’s pretty great anyways.

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