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I’m Tess! I would tell you to call me by a nickname, but I’ve never had one because “Tess” can’t really get any shorter haha! If you come up with something good, I’m all ears:)

So I thought about writing about how much I love taking photos of people, giving an experience, and capturing genuine emotion, but then I realized that those things should just be a given with any photographer you book. Although all of that is true (and needs to be!), I’m sure that you’ve probably read that on the last 4 bios you’ve read. Instead, here are a few random things about me in no particular order that may be a bit more interesting!


Philly Wedding Photographer
Wedding in Buffalo NY

My Husband!!

Colorful Wall in Tulum

I once got hit by a truck- no really it was super bad and my shoulder snapped in half, but I survived it (obviously) and it definitely gave me some perspective on life. I hate all dressings literally every single one - unless ketchup counts haha. When I was little I was obsessed with business and would buy thousands of War Heads and sell them out of my locker. I have six siblings and almost all of them are younger than me. Me and my fiancé have gotten so competitive at Boggle that we’ve decided it’s best for our relationship not to play it anymore. I once spent the whole day with the Amish and a man named Mel let me ride in his buggy. I shot my first destination elopement in Iceland when I was 17 and went with a guy I wasn’t even dating yet- plot twist we just got married. I feel most proud when I find a sweet deal at a thrift store.

And now for a bit of background...

If you’re wondering how and why I started this whole photography thing in the first place, I’ll have to take you back to high school. I was really obsessed with running and my goal was to run division one on a full ride scholarship ( I knew I had to pay for college and I loved track so it just made sense). After putting in years of work I ended up getting injured the year colleges recruit athletes and my whole plan was blown up in an instant. I had way too much free time on my hands and still had to pay for college so I made a goal to have a photography business fully running in a year. It’s actually a really cool story and God did some awesome things during that time in my life (feel free to ask me about it)! Anyways, that’s when Tess Schilke Photography started, and even though I did end up getting a full ride track scholarship, I turned it down and went with the risky option to pay my way through a local college pursuing my business instead! And here we are!! I just graduated college, got married this summer, and have gotten to go on the biggest adventure in the last several years. This job has allowed me to create so many memories with awesome couples and grow and share experiences with some of the coolest people!

Also, If you were wondering- Nacho Libre is my favorite movie

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