A Western Style Wedding in South Carolina

December 17, 2022

Is there a better combination than wedding day flash photography and puffed sleeves?

When Kimmy and Ben asked me to be their photographer, I was stoked. They were doing everything I love: a backyard wedding in South Carolina, small guest list, intimate vibes, and that perfect blend of the traditional and out of the box. Best of all, they really valued their photography.  They wanted something that wasn’t cliched, something that captures emotion. (If you hunt around on my website, you’ll realise this is what I’m all about). So it was a match made in heaven, hahaha.

Also, Ben’s family farm was epic. The late autumn leaves made a perfect backdrop and the crisp grass and looping fences really got my creative juices flowing. Kimmy and Ben both wore cowboy boots and one of my favorite photos is of Kimmy kicking her legs up, with the boots underneath. That, or the motion blur shots, blending the trees in an orange haze behind them.

The whole night was beautiful, honestly. The reception was just outside the house, with strands of fairy lights, and people gave speeches. Because the wedding had such a small guest list, they were able to add in lots of intimate details. Ben’s Mom made the cakes, and they opted to have a private cake cutting with me, rather than in front of their guests. They did the same thing with their vows before the ceremony. Both moments were so sweet and emotional. But I was most impressed by the song they wrote and performed for their guests. I’ve never seen a couple do that before, and since Kimmy and Ben are both singers, it was stellar.

We ended the evening with a flash shoot. This is something I’ve started offering my couples: the chance to step away from the reception for fifteen minutes to do some flash shots against a cool backdrop. I scout out a spot for this in every venue, and for Kimmy and Ben it ended up being some vintage wallpaper. The shots look trendy and vogue, and we’re back to where we began, because can we talk about those puffed sleeves?

As Kimmy proved, they’re just as glamorous as in 1894, when they first came in fashion.

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