A Wedding at the W Hotel Philadelphia

August 22, 2022

The W Hotel in Philadelphia is one word: funky.

If you’ve followed my work for awhile, you’ll know I’m all about out of the box. That’s part of why I’m passionate about elopements – I love the combination of intentional and zany details that makes each elopement unique – but in general I’m down for anything. Some of my best work comes from pairing couples with unique locations. I’ve shot with laundry mats, art museums, and even bathrooms. Especially the bathrooms, haha.

So when I say something is funky, I mean it as a compliment. And the W Hotel in Philly was funky. They have sparkly elevators (see if you can spot them in the pictures!), and a secret garden. They have a rooftop terrace for a first look or an elopement and the coolest secret room off the bar that is entirely blue. No joke. The W Hotel also specialises in furniture with wacky color combinations (they’re all or nothing, hahaha). The whole thing was fab for shooting with flash – which is one of my top recommendations for wedding photography right now.

But the best part of the day was 100% the poses we did in the pool. A lot of my couples really want a blend of traditional and unique in their photos. And we covered off the traditional with a Grace Loves Lace creation called Summer,  a sparkly dress from Country Way Bridal, and the delicate arrangements from Salt Floral. But getting to do the swim shoot in the W Hotel’s rooftop pool was an amazing experience. Photographers tend to avoid harsh sunlight, but we went for the middle of the day and used flash to make the depth of the water really pop. It was kind of insane idea, but it totally worked!

Basically, if you have an idea for your wedding or engagement shoot, I want to hear it. No matter how out of the box, no matter how crazy it might sound, we will find a way to make it happen.

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