A Utah Hot Spring Elopement

April 11, 2022

How did Kaitlee and Nate pick a Utah Hot Spring Elopement?

It’s a good question. Let’s be honest: it’s a big world, the options are endless, and its overwhelming. It feels like it shouldn’t be – isn’t it great you can get married wherever now? – but when you’re scrolling through Google trying to decide between plains and chic European towns, your father’s cabin in the woods or a Mexico beach, it gets stressful really fast. Take it from me: there are a million places you could get married and each and every one of them would be beautiful.

That’s sort of the point of an elopement, right? You’ve decided you want a wedding that perfectly expresses¬†you. Not your mother or your cousin or your best friend. You want every detail to be intentional. You want the location to be intimate. You want…well, maybe you don’t know exactly what you want, but you want something. And that’s exactly where Kaitlee and Nate were when we started talking about their elopement.

The first thing I did was ask questions. What kind of landscapes do you like? What kinds of wedding photos have you liked? What was your favourite holiday as a kid? Out of this conversation emerged some themes: simple, vast, colourful, water, natural. And then I hit the research with my protein shake.

Top of my list of recommendations was Utah. I love Utah. There’s just so much there. It has mountains, lakes, salt flats, hot springs, plains. Did you know that there’s a forest in Utah that is literally a single organism? It has a single giant root system – 47,000 identical, interconnected trees. Don’t let the scientific language put you off – it’s super beautiful. Utah also has over 2,000 sandstone arches. And they invented the frisbee. My¬† personal favourite: did you know that Utah eats twice the amount of lime jello per capita as any other state? When I say I hit the research hard, I mean it, hahaha.

In Kaitlee and Nate’s case, the single interconnected forest wasn’t as much their speed, but we found an epic location at a hot spring that we basically had to ourselves for the whole day. They really leaned into the simplicity aspect, and it was a boho dream: no shoes, a long-sleeved white dress (which Kaitlee got from Free People!), hair down, dried florals. Everything was perfect. We shot at sunset to get the colours on the water, and after the elopement and pictures, they changed into their swimsuits and jumped right in. We went for an editorial style with the photos, and I made sure to get some flash shots to capture the beautiful green rocks at the bottom of the water.

One of the things I promise for elopements is that I’ll be your wedding planner. And I really mean that. I will be there every step of the way, helping you pick a location, giving fashion tips (if you want them!), and ready to jump right into your celebration (sometimes literally haha) after you get married, or get out of your way if you’d rather have an intimate moment. The point of an elopement is to capture your story. And I am absolutely here to make that happen.


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