A Summer Garden Party Wedding in NY

October 3, 2022

Can you beat a summer garden party wedding?

The sunshine of late afternoon, the flowers bending in the breeze…it’s the kind of things poets write about (or so I’m told – I don’t really read poetry, hahaha). What I do know is that it’s easy to decorate: grab a pole tent with those lovely wooden stakes and some candles and that’s all you need. Bam. Beautiful venue. I did this for my own wedding, and it’s also a great option if you’re on a budget. Also garden party weddings are super trendy right now.

But for Ellie and Alex, it wasn’t about trendy, it was about beauty. Ellie is also an artist, so she was willing to experiment; she really let me get creative with the posing. This meant that I nailed the motion blur, and honestly, I’m super proud of the results. And since she got ready in a farmhouse, we also got to take full advantage of those gorgeous hardwood floors.

Another thing that really helped me create the beauty Ellie was looking for is that we had a relationship.  I did Ellie and Alex’s  engagement shoot in Lancaster PA, and in between running around fields (there are a lot of those in Lancaster, hahaha), I was able find out more about their story, and get Alex comfortable with a camera. Not everyone likes having their picture taken, and that’s okay! Part of my job is to make your wedding photos easy, and an engagement shoot really takes the stress out of the process. I don’t want to show up to your wedding as a stranger. I was to be a friend: another person who you can celebrate with and feel completely comfortable around.

In Ellie and Alex’s case, this comfort led to two of my favorite photos of all time: the church and the grandpa. Ellie is a Catholic, and – like everything about her wedding – the church was stunning. That motion blur shot is gold. But even better is her grandfather, bending down, smiling in absolute joy. People are precious. And I hope that in fifty years, when Ellie and Alex are the ones with grey hair, they’re able to look back at their photos and see the beauty they created, and all the people who were delighted to be there, in that garden party, at their wedding.

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