A Spring Wedding at the Newark Museum of Art

April 26, 2022

Can I be honest for a moment? I’d never have thought to have a wedding at the Newark Museum of Art. Genuinely, it would have not occurred to me in a million years. My own ceremony was sweet and simple and literally in someone’s backyard. But I am so glad that Bedriye and Ryan are not me, because I am now a number one fan of getting married in art museums.

Let’s go over the perks. Firstly, you don’t have to decorate. The museum is very generous with their space – they let you pick when you want to be in the gallery. For Bedriye and Ryan that meant they were married in the room where they had their first date, in front of their favorite mural. The museum puts a kabosh on bringing in fire and live plants, but otherwise there are remarkably few restrictions. The Newark Museum also had an ideal place for a first look outside on the grounds, which meant we got the couples shots done and dusted before the ceremony ever started. That’s a real advantage of a first look – more time with your guests.

In Bedriye and Ryan’s case, there was another perk of the Newark Museum of art: it was close. Bedriye lived only a few blocks away, so she and her two cousins/besties were able to have a slow, relaxed morning in her apartment, doing her hair, making their own flower arrangements, and just chilling. They didn’t have much of a plan going in for the hair and makeup, and wound up being super spontaneous with it – tying a bit of extra fabric from Bedriye’s dress into her bun; doing her makeup themselves. Different people want different things from their getting ready time. Some people like a five point plan; others would rather be creative and un-rushed. In Bedriye’s case it couldn’t have turned out better. Ryan, in case you were wondering, got ready at the art museum, which has rooms available for that, too.

And then there was their reception, which was at a local brewery called Newark Local Beer. Like much of the day, it had this wonderful creative vibe to it – I particularly loved the furniture, which was perfect for getting some shots of Bedriye and Ryan. They hadn’t even planned the cake, but when a family friend showed up with one, they went with the flow and had a cutting, grinning at each other the whole time. Bedriye had a dress change (if you liked her original dress, check it out here!), Ryan got his Vans on, and they danced the night away. It was a great day.


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