A Rochester wedding at the Wintergarden by Monroes

May 30, 2022

Every photographer has a venue bucket list and the Wintergarden by Monroes was on mine. It’s a stunning concept: living trees in a spacious glass room; the natural light is phenomenal. It’s a perfect venue if you want to bring the outdoors inside (and I’m a big fan of ¬†intimate without bug spray). But there was a problem: what couple could pull off a wedding classy enough to match the venue?

The answer was Katie and Robert. They had pzazz; they had style, and boy did they have class. They’re both performers and singers (maybe that’s where it comes from?) and I took their engagement shoot in the theatre where they worked. Fun fact: I did a bit of theatre myself in high school (I rocked Baroness von Schraeder in Sound of Music) but let’s just say Katie and Robert are in an entirely different league. They bring their stage presence into everything they do, and their wedding was no exception.

First of all, their ‘under the stars’ theme was a fantastic fit with the Wintergarden’s vaulted ceilings and trees. They coordinated everything: the deep blue table cloths, vintage styled wooden chairs, the bridesmaid dresses, the dark floral arrangement….even the cake, which had moth printed flowers on it (Get Caked Bakery really ran with the theme, and heavens did they pull it off – see what I did there? Hahaha)

Then there was the getting ready photos! Katie’s brother was in her bridal party and it was so much fun to shoot an unconventional group. Katie also picked a dress that really suited her.The sleeveless neckline highlighted her tattoos, and then there was the black bridal cape, which was just next level.¬† They had their couples shoot in the Sunken Garden, which is one of Rochester’s hidden gems. Buried in Highland Park, the gardens are in the back of a castle (yes you read that right), and have really lovely plants and stonework.

And then it was back to the Wintergarden, for the ceremony with living trees and sunlight dancing through the massive glass panes. As evening deepened, the lights in the trees came on, giving the whole place a magical feel. There were candles everywhere, the speeches made Katie cry, and the dancing as wild and wonderful as one would expect from a wedding full of stage performers. There are no real stars at the Wintergarden by Monroes. But at Robert and Katie’s wedding, you wouldn’t have known.

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