A Philly Speakeasy Engagement Shoot

September 12, 2022

Natasha knew she wanted a Philly speakeasy from the start.

‘I’m looking for a vibe that has a classic, vintagey feel,’ she wrote, ‘with a bit of an edge….my vision would be that my finance and I dressed up in an old school cocktail lounge, dirty martinis flowing, jukebox, enjoying the moment of each other’s company.’

As a photographer, this is the kind of inquiry that makes my heart sing. Completely out of the box, and yet detailed and precise. ‘Quite frankly,’ she also wrote, ‘I don’t know if that makes any sense.’ But she was making perfect sense. Sitting there in my living room while my husband was debating his next move in Settlers (I was winning, in case you were wondering, hahaha), I saw the whole thing blossom in front of my eyes. A Philly speakeasy. White and black tiled floors. Marble. Wooden bars. Long-stemmed wine glasses. And above all, flash photography.

After some further consultation with Natasha, we were ready to go. When I recommended the flash photography, I was expecting to sell it (if you want to hear the pitch, it’s here), but she was super enthusiastic already. We ended up doing basically the whole thing in flash, and it creates the ‘edgy’ vibe she asked for, and adds some extra pop. But the real pop came from that cocktail dress and pantsuit. I’ve been raving about pantsuits for awhile, and Natasha absolutely proved my point. I also loved getting to incorporate the dirty martinis and bars, which is their favorite date night activity.

Basically, what I’m trying to say here is that when I send you an inquiry, I genuinely want to hear from you. No matter what the vision is – or how silly you think you’re being – I promise that I will be able to bring it to life. And it will look good, baby.

Because I think we can all agree: Natasha and Puneet? They looked good. 

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