A Perfect Rainy Wedding At Wrens Roost Barn

May 31, 2022

Rainy days belonged to Wrens Roost Barn from the beginning. When Steve and his wife, who own Wrens Roost, went to view it they “briefly walked around through the spring rain before driving right down to the realtor’s office to write an offer.” With its views of upstate New York, smokey blue and green hills, and surrounding pond, Wrens Roost Barn looks best in a drizzle. And so did Lauren and Jake.

I met Lauren and Jake when they first booked me as their photographer, over two years ago. They had a long engagement, and we met up twice for engagement shoots. I don’t know what I enjoyed more: the fact they thought outside the box and took a second session, or that I really got to know them. I honestly believe I’m best at my job when I know my clients: when I understand your story, what makes you laugh, why you fell and love, and why you’ll still be married in forty years. And I honestly believe that your photos turn out best when you trust me: when you know that I’m the kind of photographer who always has your back, will pick confetti out of your hair or tell you if you have salad in your teeth, and who genuinely cares about your wedding and your relationship.

Lauren, Jake and I had that kind of bond. They gave me a lot of freedom with the bridal party photos, which meant I got to be super creative and help everyone feel confident and natural. Katie’s younger brother was particularly great to capture – he had a wonderful and wild energy. I’m hoping he books me when some lucky girl marries him in fifteen years or so because his wedding will be lit. Lauren also did a champagne pop with the bridal party before they got ready, on the bridge outside Wrens Roost Barn, which was so much fun.

But the best part of the day was the rain. It began to drizzle just after the ceremony, and I saw my opportunity. Lauren left her shoes behind; Jake left his jacket and we danced and laughed and spun. There are 153 days of rain in upstate New York. I’m not the best at math (there’s a reason I became a photographer, hahaha), but that’s roughly 1/3 of the year. Of course, I always hope that my weddings will fall on sunny days. But when it rains, it’s an honour to get to work with couples like Katie and Jake, who trusted me enough to walk into a rainstorm. And it turns out, I like the photos we got in the rain better than the ones we got in the sun!


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