A Funky in-home session in Philly

January 21, 2023

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an in-home session, so first things first: what the heck is it?

An in-home session is where we shoot an engagement session in your house instead of a location. There are definitely advantages to both. Let’s be honest: most people don’t have European-style gardens in their homes, hahaha. But it’s nice to take the photos where you share life. At the end of the day, I’m here to capture memories. And where do you make the most memories? Honestly, it’s your kitchen. Your bed or with your dog.¬†Your sofa or the table where you beat them at board games. (In my relationship, I’m always the one winning. Jokes. My husband kills me at Boggle. Seriously. We had to stop playing).

As you can see in the photos with Lee and Mateo, I was really able to capture the essence of who they were as a couple: the things that mattered in their relationship. Lee and Mateo are both actors so I guess they had a bit of an advantage; they knew exactly what they wanted. Lee shared her pintrest board with me when she inquired – a lot of my couples are starting to do that and it’s super¬†helpful – and they selected props. But honestly, even if you’re not a trained actor, give me a vibe and I can create the magic.

And there was a lot of magic in this shoot. We started in the kitchen with a whole morning coffee/waking up mood. I adore the vintage nightgown Lee is wearing as well. Then there was a dress change for the bedroom shots; I’m always happy to roll with a good dress change and the jeans looked great with the red of the bed frame. We ended the session doing some Lady and the Tramp spaghetti shots (it’s a classic, right?) at an Italian restaurant, which was only a short walk from their house.

Honestly, you can do everything from home these days. Why not your engagement session?


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