A Fall Wedding on Lake Skaneateles

April 10, 2022

For Katie and Christian, it all started with the day: weather just right, the breeze a dream. It stirred up leaves, it tossed Katie’s hair, it blew gently across waves of Lake Skaneateles. I’d don’t have a favourite season, (although it’s definitely not winter, because of that time I got hit with a truck during a snowstorm, haha), but if you’d asked me the day Katie and Christian got married, I would have said fall in a heartbeat.

Like most couples, they started out by getting ready at separate locations. But they had a few fun twists, like Katie’s dress. It’s actually a two piece dress – a skirt and top – and there’s a detachable tuule layer on her skirt that she wore for the ceremony but not the reception (she needed the freedom of movement for her insane dance moves, trust me). Christian also wrote Katie a letter, which she read before they met up for the shoot. I can’t decide what I enjoyed more: the emotion on her face as she read his touching words, or the Beatles-themed photos on the town crosswalk. Also, is it just me, or do the bridesmaids have some of the best hair and makeup you’ve ever seen?

A word about the town, while we’re on the topic. Skaneateles is in the Finger Lakes region of New York, and it’s a vintage colonial town. Seriously. They’re known for cute, quaint atmosphere and wide porches with rocking chairs. They even have a Charles Dickens Christmas weekend in costume. The Sherwood Inn where Katie and Christian got married is right on brand: full of wingback armchairs and four poster beds, with gardens that lead right down to Lake Skaneateles. There seems to be nothing they don’t provide. They have an on site bakery. They have a reception venue in the inn. They do their own catering. And if you want to get married on the water, they can connect you to Midlakes Navigation, so you can get married on a boat.

Katie and Christian took full advantage of this. Their ceremony on a boat was simple and sweet. Their best friend (in a Captain’s hat) married them next to the rail, Katie’s father walked her up the gangplank, and the majority of their guests stood on the dock, looking up at the wedding from beside that clear blue Skaneateles water. One of the things they particularly asked me to get was lots of candids. And I have never met a family that made candids easier than this one. All around the wedding and through the reception back at Sherwood Inn there were people talking, laughing, having the time of their lives. I decided to turn off my flash, and tried to capture as much as I could, using motion blur to really highlight the emotion.

But eventually, the flash had to come back on, because Katie and Christian had thee most epic dance party of all time. It went on for three hours, no joke. Katie (now free from her tuule) broke it down on the floor. Christian went wild. Their great aunt put pots and pans on her head and lit it up. They say you can’t stop the beat, and with this family that was really true – they danced the night away and I had a blast capturing every second.

Vendor List:

Dress: AP Bridal Rings: Brilliant Earth  S&E Jewelers Flowers: Fleurdelis Flowers Venue: The Sherwood Inn Boat:Mid lakes Navigation Cake:Fig Tree Patisserie Rentals:Curated Events and Co

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