A Classy Wedding at Winterthur Musuem

December 18, 2022

As Stacy and Jack got married by the reflecting pool at Winterthur Museum, the sun set.

I wasn’t originally part of the plan. (And it was a good plan; Clover Events is fabulous at what they do.) But sometimes even the best plans change, and Stacy and Jack ended up hiring me only a week before the wedding. It was crazy that we were able to make it work. But they wanted a photographer who could create an artistic gallery, someone who did motion blur and flash photography in an editorial style. And I don’t back down from a challenge. So I packed my gear and drove up to the Winterthur Museum, which is the former mansion of Henry DuPont, surrounded by a thousand acres of gardens.

How much do I like the Winterthur Muesum? Let me count the ways. Firstly, the gardens are stunning. Even in November, they were stunning, with stone buildings and walkways still covered in ivy. Henry DuPont was, above all , a curator, someone who knew the value of things. In addition to his mansion full of precious art (which I skipped; art isn’t really my thing, haha), he built gardens with a pool that were actually designed with weddings in mind (that’s more my speed). The first wedding in the space was for his daughter.

Although Stacy and Jack are one of many couples to get married there, they put their own spin on things. Jack is a musician, so when Stacy showed up for her first look (held in another stunning venue, the DuPont hotel. If you’re thinking there’s a connection to ole Henry, you would be right), she was serenaded. Jack had written her a song. He played it himself, on a grand piano with his tux flung over the seat.

Then there were the aesthetics. The bridal party wore black, which was unconventional and oh so classy. Stacy had a dress change half way through, into a little red number which was a flash photographers dream. And Ram Florals mixed taper candles and metal frames with autumnal florals for the perfect decór.

Maybe best of all, they chose to get married at sunset. Against the reflecting pool, the sparkles catching on Stacy’s dress, in a style that would have made ole Henry proud. I’ve never been so happy to be a last minute addition in my life.

Venue: Winthur Museum Wedding Planner: Clover Events Florals: Ram Floral 

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