A Classy Wedding at The Country Club of Rochester

June 11, 2022

From the shores of Lake Powell in Utah to the Country Club of Rochester, Celeste and Addison did it all.

When I shot their elopement, we went for a boho theme, capitalising on the natural beauty of the hot spring and western landscape. Celeste is the kind of person who can pull off any look anywhere, and both her and Addison pulled off an intimate, free spirited ceremony under the endless blue sky. But eloping has a downside: your friends and family can’t celebrate, too. So Celeste and Addison had a wedding reception with their family in Rochester, and they went 180 from their elopement. They went glitz and glamour. They went whispering and champagne and stars. They went Great Gatsby.

The theme came together in lots of ways. The Country Club of Rochester was a perfect venue – it had vintage wallpaper (see if you can spot it in the photos!), glossy wooden accents, and a truly fabulous red sofa where Celeste and Addison asked to do some couple shots. It was in a bathroom; I’ve trained them well – hahaha. Then they found Pistol and Pollen, a florist who produced lush table arrangements, adding to the air of sophistication. Celeste picked out yet another perfect dress. And live music always takes a reception next level, but when their band, Shine, played Dua Lipa’s Levitating, I swear we actually left the floor.

Finally, there was me. I always offer my couples knowledge of the photography world: photos that are either timeless, trendy, or both. Right now, what’s trending is flash photography. I use hard flash (usually avoided in natural, outdoor pictures like these) to give a stark, vintage look. When Celeste and Addison called me before their reception, they said they didn’t want anything that looked normal (Probably my favorite thing to hear a my couples say haha). So I took my flash out of my camera bag, and I also added some motion blur shots, where I drag the camera to create intentional blur in the photographs. This really helps capture people: their emotion and their movement, and I loved the results here. You can see the energy in the dancing, feel the joy in Celeste and Addison’s relationship, and experience the wild performance of the band.

Let’s just say: although the Country Club of Rochester is not a Long Island Mansion, Celeste and Addison threw a party of which the Great Gatsby would have been proud.


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