A Classy Engagement Session at the Rodin Museum of Art

June 25, 2022

We had a plan and it changed in an instant.

Mandy and Brian had decided to do a museum styled shoot in the Barnes Foundation Museum. Although there was planning and calling ahead, the museum decided no photography in the building and we had to leave. A lot of couples would have panicked. But not Mandy and Brian. No, they had come dressed to the nines; they had come looking absolutely glamorous; they were ready for anything. We pivoted our plans and boy did we find cool locations – there are so many places in Philly to shoot an engagement! Honestly looking back, I would have preferred it this way.

Firstly there were the pictures at The Barnes Foundation Museum. We started out inside the museum (before the eviction, hahaha), and you can see the fab chair shots – the dark wood contrasted perfectly with their classic black and white aesthetic. And even after we were kicked out, we just switched to using the outside of the building rather than the inside. From there we went to the Rodin Museum of Art.  The Rodin Museum of Art is part of a number of art museums in Philly that are linked together, and they all have beautiful stone exteriors that are actually almost identical to the Musée Rodin in Paris! I loved how many of the photos look like they could have been taken in Europe.

From there we walked across the street and found this vintage old car. I thought it fit the vibe perfectly, so we did some photos with it. We got some great walking shots, too, and then we spotted the carousel. We thought it would be so fun to try and do some pictures on while riding it, so we bought some tickets and Many and Brian looked like a scene from an old romantic black and white film, next to the horses as they spun.

As we went, they definitely caught the mood of what I was doing, and so I can’t even take credit for the ice cream truck – that was all their idea. I’m a photographer and can I just say: how do they look so good eating food? Again, we were in Philly. In front of another art museum (we didn’t try to go inside this one, haha). Yet it looks like Paris. At the end of the shoot we walked up the steps into a field of lavender and we just knew that was the perfect place to end the session.

It just goes to show that some of the best results come from collaboration. I love going on adventures with couples because a.) I love adventures and b.) I get to see what inspires you. And with a little trust, that’s where the best photography comes from.

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